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Plant identification is a useful tool to determine the cultural requirements and desirable attributes of the plants around you. By familiarizing yourself with a small group of plants, it will be easy to increase your knowledge about other plant species, their use, and their culture.

Herbaceous is the term generally given to any plant that does not form a persistent woody stem. Herbaceous plants are often known for their attractive flowers or foliage. Genetics, climate, cold-hardiness, and length of daylight are among some of the factors that determine the classification of herbaceous plants.

Herbaceous plants may be classified on the basis of physiological growth cycles as:

Annual: A plant that completes its life cycle of seed germination, vegetative growth, flower set, and seed production in one growing season.

Biennial: A plant that completes its life cycle in two growing seasons. (i.e. leaves are formed the first season followed in the second season by flower set and seed production).

Perennial: A plant that perpetuates itself for long periods of time usually growing from modified underground stems; attain a long life span.

Hardiness Zones are catagorized by their average annual minimum temperatures. Each zone is a range of 10 F.  Plants are limited to successful growth by the lowest temperature at which they can survive.  

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones

Zone 1     

-50 F Zone 6b   0 to -5 F

Zone 2a   

-45 to -50 F Zone 7a   5 to 0 F
Zone 2b    -40 to -45 F Zone 7b   10 to 5 F
Zone 3a    -35 to -40 F Zone 8a   15 to 10 F
Zone 3b    -30 to -35 F Zone 8b   20 to 15 F
Zone 4a    -25 to -30 F Zone 9a   25 to 20 F

Zone 4b 

-20 to -25 F Zone 9b   30 to 25  F
Zone 5a    -15 to -20 F Zone 10a   35 to 30 F
Zone 5b    -10 to -15 F Zone 10b   40 to 35 F
Zone 6a    -5 to -10 F Zone 11   40 + F


You will be responsible for identifying all of the plants in the Herbaceous Plant Material List.


You will observe the plants on the Herbaceous Plant Material List. You will be responsible for knowing the scientific name and the common name of each plant.

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